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July 14-23, 2023

GRYM is headed to Rio de Janiero, Brazil, with YoungFriends (a ministry of Let's Start Talking)!

What is YoungFriends?

Let's Start Talking sends hundreds of short-term missionaries every year to sites all over the world to spread the gospel through the offer of free English lessons.

YoungFriends is the teen branch of this ministry. It allows teens in other countries to learn English, while also having fun and meaningful interactions with Christian teens from the U.S.

Who Is Going?

This mission trip is for current 9th-12th graders of Garden Ridge Youth Ministry who are ready to share their faith and set a godly example.

The group will be led by Trane and Tamara Wyatt (with their kids tagging along) and a handful of adult volunteers from Garden Ridge.

The Rio Mission 2023 Team is:

Brehm, Wayne

Gould, Katherine

Johnson, Neena

Leigh, Chris

Leigh, Stephanie

Selman, David

Selman, Teresa

Wyatt, Trane

Wyatt, Tamara


Conner, Dakota

Harrison, Alora

Haskell, Andrew

Johnson, Brodee

Selman, Brodie

Sloan, Zane

Winters, Cameron

Wyatt, Jadyn

Wyatt, Jordyn

Wyatt, Jace

Zook, Natalie

Trip Basics.

The group will fly out Friday, June 23, 2022. While there, we will do daily fun activities and reading groups using the Gospel of Luke with local teens. Most of these activities and reading groups will be led by the GRYM teens.

There will also be opportunities to explore and see the sights in this incredible city.

The group will return Sunday, July 2.

How to Contribute.

If you would ​like to help the participants achieve their fundraising goal, you can do that in several ways:

1 | Donate online.

CLICK HERE to go to the giving site of the Garden Ridge church of Christ.

In Fund, select "Youth Missions"

In Memo, put the name of the participant.

2 | Donate by check or cash.

Make checks to Garden Ridge church of Christ, and put the participant's name in the memo.

If cash, attach a note indicating which participant the donation is intended for.

3 | Hire a team member.

Notify Trane ( of jobs you'd like done, and we can arrange for one or more team members to do it. Payment can be a contribution to the mission trip, paid according to the online or check/cash instructions above.

A Word about Safety.

Garden Ridge and Let's Start Talking take the safety of all participants very seriously. Garden Ridge has selected Rio among many options partially due to information that suggests Rio de Janeiro would not be particularly unstable or dangerous for U.S. citizens.

Let's Start Talking has resources within the U.S. government and with locals in each of their mission cities to monitor conditions. If there are changes in the political or social climate that would make it unsafe for groups to visit a certain site, LST will have back-up locations to send those groups to at NO further expense to the participants.

All major cities (at home and abroad) have potential risks and threats. GRYM enforces policies and practices when in such places to minimize danger.

For information about travel advisories, as well as tips for safe travel outside the U.S., go to this U.S. Government site.

Mission Trip
Rio YoungFriends Mission Trip
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