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July 17-21, 2024

GRYM is headed to Oklahoma City to partner with local ministries and serve the communities in and around the city.

This trip is for all middle and high schoolers, 6th-12th grades.

PARENTS: Interested in sharing this experience with your teen? Contact Trane!

Besides making lasting friendships with the other GRYMers, this mission trip is a great opportunity forstudents to put their faith in action and make a difference for others.

The cost is $130.

The $65 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due SUNDAY June 23.

The remaining $65 balance is due SUNDAY, JULY 14.


Go to and click "GIVE" at the top.

Fill in the information:

Give: $65 (deposit) OR $130 (full)

Fund: GRYM

Memo: OKC Mission

IMPORTANT: Forward the confirmation email to:


Meet​ at the church at 7:00a (changed from previous info)

Eat breakfast before or bring it with you to eat on the way.


Estimated return time is 4:30p.


Fill out the registration form.

Pay the $65 deposit or full $130.

Make sure all release forms are up to date.


Two forms for Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma:

Liability Waiver

Consent Form


[_] All necessary consent forms

[_] Your own breakfast for Wednesday

[_] Any snacks you may want when hanging out at the church (does not need to be enough to share)

[_] Money for SEVEN meals, plus any travel, snack and spending money you choose.

*NOTE: The Saturday night dinner may be a little more expensive meal.

[_] Air mattress (strongly recommended)

[_] Bedding (pillow and sleeping bag)

[_] Ear plugs for sleeping (if desired)

[_] Clothes for Sunday church service

[_] Work clothes for 4 days

> MUST HAVE CLOSED TOE SHOES for the work projects!

> Clothes must be modest. See guidelines below.

> Shirts MUST be long enough to cover your stomach when you raise your hands.

> Sleeveless shirts should not gape open enough to see inside.

> Avoid shirts with possibly confusing messages or images (alcohol advertisements, questionable bands, etc.)

> Remember that our clothes may get very dirty, and we will not have laundry access.

[_] Comfortable “Hang out” clothes for nights out (same standards as above)

[_] Pajamas (we are staying at the church in separate guy/girl rooms but with a common area, so all pajamas should be modest enough to be around guys and girls)

[_] Swimwear* (one day)

Guys need a shirt to wear while swimming.

Girls need a one-piece or tankini, or a two-piece with a colored shirt over it.

[_] Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)

[_] Men’s shaving gear (optional)

[_] Women’s feminine supplies (recommended for girls/ladies)

[_] Towel for shower

[_] Separate towel for swimming

[_] Flip flops to wear in the shower and swimming

[_] Socks

[_] Bible

[_] Sunscreen

[_] Medicines, if needed

> NOTE: All meds MUST be turned into the designated adult sponsor, labeled and with instructions!

[_] Reusable water bottle (important!)

[_] Sunglasses

[_] Dirty clothes bag

[_] Flashlight (optional)

[_] Backpack (optional)

NOTE: Participants are welcome to bring cell phones to use at appropriate times. During work times, cell phones will not be used, so to reach a teen during the day, please contact Trane Wyatt:



There are two forms every participant must do ONE TIME, NOT FOR EACH EVENT.

If you have done these previously, you do NOT have to do them again.

If not already completed for a previous event, follow these links:

1. GRYM Participant Info Form

Online form to collect all necessary info about the participant.

If done previously, no need to do again.

2. GRYM Release Form

PDF release form to sign and return (paper copy or email a scan/picture)

If done previously, no need to do again.

Mission Trip
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