Link Groups (Small Groups)

Link Groups are small groups that meet throughout the week in various locations: parks, homes, etc.

Groups are divided by grade level:

Middle School Guys (6th-8th)

Middle School Girls (6th-8th)

High School (guys and girls combined)

Fun and snacks, question/discussion-based Bible study, and prayer time.

These groups are the perfect place to build deep relationships with peers of the same grade-level and get to know God better.


Wednesdays. Meet by the elevator at the church at 6:30p to leave for park, home, etc. Pickup from the location at 8:15p.

(There is also Open Hub for 9th-12thers from 6:30-8:00p on Wednesdays. Snacks, hangout, work on homework, chat with a mentor, whatever.)


Sundays. Time and location are determined week to week, so contact Trane for details.

To learn more or to plan to visit a Link Group, contact Trane.