(for 6th-12th graders)

August 21-22, 2021 (Saturday-Sunday)

Lake Lavon Camp, Princeton TX

Make some wild memories with awesome people to start the school year right!

GRYM is headed to Lake Lavon Camp for a weekend of adventure:

Archery tag, lake swim/jumping towers, team challenges and more.

Cost is $60, due SUNDAY, AUGUST 1. (For financial assistance, contact Trane.)

IMPORTANT: If you pay online, be sure to forward the confirmation email to:

As always, guests are welcome, so invite your friends!

To register, fill out the online registration form (click here).

Also, ALL PARTICIPANTS need to fill out Lake Lavon's Release Form (click here).

If you haven't previously completed the Participant Info Form (online) or the Release Form (print, sign and return) for GRYM, these must be completed and returned.


Saturday, meet at the church at 8:00am (eat breakfast before or bring it to eat on the way).

Sunday, we will return to the church around 1p.


Participants need

> Lake Lavon release form completed (see link above)

> GRYM Info & Release form on file (if not already filled out previously)

> Money for ONE meal
> Snacks to be shared with the group
> Bible
> Pillow
> Bedding (twin-sized bunk beds)
> TWO Towels (for swimming and showers)
> Toiletries
> Comfortable clothes for indoor and outdoor activity (IMPORTANT: prepare for warm and cold and rain)
> Comfortable shoes
> A set of clothes and shoes to get very messy in (possibly chilly and messy)

> Swimwear (if a bikini, must be covered by a colored shirt)

> Shoes for the lake

> Reusable water bottle
> Instruments, games, etc. (optional)
> Flashlight (optional)

> Fishing is allowed, but must have a license and bring your own gear (optional)

NOTE: Cell phone and electronic device use will not be permitted at this event. Either do not bring them or be prepared to turn them in before leaving. Parents, if you need to reach your child, contact Trane or one of the adult volunteers. Thank you!