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DRIVER'S ED (Parent Seminar)

DRIVER'S ED (Parent Seminar)

(For adults in any age or stage)

Friday, February 21, 2020

At Garden Ridge church of Christ (The Hub, rm 221)

Hey, parents! Want some guidance on how to talk to your kids about sexuality and help them get the most out of dating…with other parents who are in the same boat?

The weekend before the teen “Hot Pursuit” retreat, Scott Jarvis will teach a seminar on these topics.

Scott Jarvis is the preaching minister at Garden Ridge church of Christ. As a former youth minister and college minister, and most importantly, as a father of three adult children, Scott has unique insights from both Scripture and real-life experience on the subjects of what works and what doesn't in parenting kids and teens through dating and sexuality.

Dinner will be provided at 5:30p.

Seminar from 6:30-8:30p.


Childcare provided (feed kids before, please).


This is all FREE.

Adults of any age/stage welcome!

Register BY SUNDAY, FEB 9 at:

Parent Seminar
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