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FAMILY CAMP (Campout 2023)

FAMILY CAMP (Campout 2023)

(for families of 6th-12th graders)

March 10-11, 2023 (Friday-Saturday)

Lake Ray Roberts (Isla du Bois), Pilot Point TX

Bonding with GRYM parents and kids, and fun the whole family will remember forever!

For families of 6th-12thers.

Cost is $20 for the entire family, regardless of size.

This covers entrance to the park, campsite and whatever food is provided.

(We may coordinate to each bring some portion of some meals.)


We are staying in the Isle du Bois branch of Lake Ray Roberts State Park.

SITES: Hawthorne G27 and Hawthorne G29

Free entry if you tell them you are with the Garden Ridge Youth Ministry.


Trane will take a group from the church at 2:00p.


Another group may caravan from the church at 5:30p.


Or you can travel on your own, whatever timing works for you.


You may leave whenever your family needs to go.

Everyone much be packed and off the campsite by 11:00a.


You are welcome to stay longer elsewhere in the park.

For activities and amenities, click here to visit their website.

The time for Trane to return with the bus and anyone who needs transportation on Saturday will be determined later.


We are tent camping.

You will need to come prepared.

For instance:

. Sleeping bag

. Pillow

. Toiletries

. Flashlight

. Warm clothes

. Jacket

. Easy slip-on shoes

. Portable charger for phone

. OPTIONAL: balls/equipment to play; towel/shoes/swimwear to play on the beach; etc.

And you'll need a tent and its equipment (stakes, hammer, tarp, etc.).

IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, you can indicate this on the form and we'll see about using someone else's.

IF YOU HAVE EXTRA TENTS YOU'RE WILLING TO SHARE, you can also indicate that on the form.


To register, fill out the online registration form.


Go to and click "GIVE" at the top.

Fill in the information:

Give: $20

Fund: GRYM

Memo: Family Camp

IMPORTANT: Forward the confirmation email to:

(You can also give cash or check--made to Garden Ridge church of Christ--to Trane.)


There are two forms every participant must do ONE TIME, NOT FOR EACH EVENT.

If you have done these previously, you do NOT have to do them again.

If not already completed for a previous event, follow these links:

1. GRYM Participant Info Form

Online form to collect all necessary info about the participant.

2. GRYM Release Form

PDF release form to sign and return (paper copy or email a scan/picture)

Family Camp
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