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June 22-28, 2019

GRYM is headed to New Orleans and the nearby community of Avondale to partner with a local ministry to provide a sports camp for kids from low-income housing.

We are also combining with the Grace Chapel Youth Ministry from Cumming, GA.


Trane's brother, Rocky, is the youth minister at Grace Chapel.

For several years, Grace Chapel and GRYM met for a mission trip in New Orleans, and this was a favorite experience of all the participants.

Besides making lasting friendships with the Grace Chapel group, this mission trip is a great opportunity for​ students who have completed 8th-12th grades to put their faith in action and make a difference for others.

Students pay a deposit of $150, due SUNDAY MAY 5.

The rest of the cost is $425, which the students are encouraged to collect through fundraising.

The total amount must be turned in by SUNDAY, JUNE 2.


1. Contact Trane to notify him of your plan to participate right away.

2. Pay the $150 deposit by May 5. (If paying online, be sure to forward the confirmation email to:

3. Fill out THIS ONLINE FORM (all participants, adults and teens) by May 5.

4. Begin fundraising! CLICK HERE to download a sample fundraising request letter.


Meet at 5:15a to load and leave (bring breakfast to eat on the way)


We will return around 9:00p


[_] ONE MORE FORM: To help at the Second Harvest Food Bank, print and sign THIS WAIVER.

[_] Breakfast to eat on the way Saturday morning

[_] Money for 6 meals, plus any travel, snack and spending money you choose

[_] Clothes for church service (does not have to be super-dressy, but no shorts)

[_] Work clothes for 4 days

> Clothes must be modest. See guidelines below.

> AIM has requested NO LADIES NIKE-STYLE ATHLETIC SHORTS. Shorts must be knee-length and modest from any position (sitting, squatting, reaching up, etc.).

> Shirts MUST be long enough to cover your stomach when you raise your hands.

> Sleeveless shirts should not gape open enough to see inside.

> Avoid shirts with possibly confusing messages or images (alcohol advertisements, questionable bands, etc.)

> Remember that our clothes may get very dirty, and we will not have laundry access.

[_] Athletic shoes you can get dirty in

[_] Closed-toe shoes for Food Bank

[_] Comfortable “Hang out” clothes for evenings (same standards as above)

[_] Pajamas (we are staying in the church in separate guy/girl areas, but everyone’s pajamas should still be modest enough to be around guys and girls)

[_] Flip flops to wear in the shower

[_] Socks

[_] Air mattress (strongly recommended)

[_] Bedding (pillow and sleeping bag)

[_] Ear plugs for sleeping (if desired)

[_] Bible, journal, pen

[_] Sunscreen

[_] Hygiene products (deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc…)

[_] Medicines, just in case

> What you use daily and what you usually need when you get sick.

> NOTE: All meds MUST be turned into the designated adult sponsor! Failure to do so will result in consequences.

[_] Toothbrush

[_] Men’s shaving gear

[_] Women’s feminine supplies

[_] Drink bottle (important!)

[_] Sunglasses

[_] Dirty clothes bag

[_] Towel (possibly two: one for showers, one for water play)

[_] Flashlight (optional)

[_] Backpack (optional)

NOTE: Cell phones, iPads, laptops, etc, are welcome on this trip, as long as they are used in a godly, responsible, appropriate way. We will not confiscate them unless they are used inappropriately or distract from the ministry we’re going there to do.

Mission Trip
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